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September 2005

September 14, 2005 W #


Don't worry, I didn't get stuck in a transistor in cyberspace. I've been doing a lot of fun stuff, and a lot of useful stuff. I've had time to read my friends blogs, but not write anything on mine. Poodle has been making me laugh to no end. If you came seeking entertainment, I'll direct you her way for now. Also, I have cool pictures to post, but I haven't taken time to crop them. When I have the pictures ready, I'll make a post worthy of the wait you've had to endure.

September 20, 2005 T #

I Work in a Building Without Windows

I guess that's the nature of secret military work, but it really can become inconvenient. I was happily typing away at my computer, when *blink*... and then nothing.

Really... NOTHING. The power flashed out, and there wasn't a hint of light or sound anywhere. Had this been the 70's, I would have wondered if we had been blasted by the Russians. My office is in the "The Bat Cave". The section of offices was added as an afterthought, so there's no emergency power back there like we have for our equipment. You really can't imagine that kind of darkness. You can't even remember it accurately. It's so unnatural to the human senses, that the only way to understand it is to be aware of it, in that moment.

I've been in that kind of darkness before; back when three of my friends and I spent three hours getting ourselves out of a cave by nothing but the indiglow light from my watch. At least then I knew other people were around. This time, nothing. Given a little more time, it wouldn't be difficult to forget that you exist. You would have to learn to define existence by an entirely different reference frame of senses.

Anyway... I found my way out of the cave by the light of my iPod (conveniently positioned on my desk), and the power came on a few minutes later.

September 27, 2005 T #

I walked into our Control Room (Security area) to work on some stuff, and there was a guy on a ladder half way up in the rafters working on something, with another guy sitting on a chair... who had been sitting there an hour earlier when I left. I knew the guy on the chair. I started laughing and couldn't help but comment  "You know what's ironic about this, is that you're probably getting paid twice as much to watch that guy work, as he's getting paid to actually do the work." The guy up in the rafters had a good laugh, while the guy in the chair, looking a little embarrassed, dredged up with the words "No comment."

September 29, 2005 R #


Tomorrow will be my last 42 mile commute from the Ocean. I'm moving. Did I tell anybody? Well, I'm moving inland, to this really killer house, in a clean neighborhood with lots of really old trees, and mountains (hills actually) all around. It'll be a good place to live.

September 30, 2005 F #

So I'm moving tomorrow, but I got a new cd in from Amazon, and this is just the happiest-in-love-song. I've heard in the longest time. It's best if you turn it up and let it repeat somewhere in the double digits.

And it seem like life is finally slowing down enough that I can post some pictures.


But now that I just wrote that, I remembered several things that still need to get done.


That's no problem for an evening though.


Sarah was down for the summer working at JPL, but now she's back off to Stanford. Good girl, and a good friend.


A few of us went sailing. Captain James took up the new obsession, so the rest of us came along for the ride.


And Rachel came down for the weekend. She's always fun to run around with.


And there's my new roommate as of tomorrow. No, not the pretty one. The other one.
But I wouldn't complain if Erica moved in as well.


And just over a month ago, my old climbing bud from high school moved down here for Law School.


He lured me back into my old habits, and we've been climbing almost every weekend since.


Santa Monica Mountains. It's just outside LA, so you'd expect them to be crowded. Right?
Not so. Only once have we had a conversation with other climbers.

Diego swinging the keys to his new ride.


And my little bro styling in his new ride.


And my cousins ride that almost killed him at the beginning of the summer.


Yes, that's a canoe snapped in two. Reagan and his friend decided to be pirates after a good rain in the Utah mountains. The river had a little more water than they could handle, and ... well... several miles later, that's what happened. The story is great coming directly from him, but now he's off in ... somewhere in South America.

So my uncle displayed the remains in the front yard, and taped up the new articles written on it.


Mark Twain's words written over the picture:
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, then by the things you did.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

And I ran into some more pictures from Greg and Erica's wedding that are worth posting..

Happily Ever After


Reality Ever After


September 2005